Wold Gold. Photo by Chris Manson Visuals

Spring has sprung

Buttercups are always such a shock when they appear. They’re so vivid and bright. I know I’m not the only person to notice this, but England is oftentimes quite brown and colourless. It is so muddy and dull during the winter months that when spring finally decides to spring it is such a surprise to see colour again! It’s almost like you’d forgotten there was colour in the world. It happens every year and it’s a surprise every year.

Living in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a perfect place to experience the seasons. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, which has changed the world irrevocably, I feel even luckier to live here. Yorkshire’s beautiful countryside is a panacea to all worries. It inspires me everyday, so I always take my camera out on walks. I made the Wold Gold image (above) during one of my walks earlier last year.

Yorkshire Photographer for Yorkshire Brands

Since making the Wold Gold photo, I’ve made more of an effort  to combine my passion for the Yorkshire landscape with my passion for photography. I hope to show you more Yorkshire-inspired commercial work soon!

If you’re looking for a freelance photographer in East Yorkshire, or think you’d like to hire a photographer like me, get in touch or leave a comment! 

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